Domenic Lunardo      Vito Rezza           Michael Sarracini                    Ian Jutsun

The Impalites Are


To some, they might be crude....Or rude...Or just plain stereotypical. But The Impalites have no qualms about joking about themselves, different cultures and the people around them. The Impalites have spent the past 17 years creating comedy skits based on people they know and real life characters they have met. Through the years, The Impalites, Vito Rezza, Michael Sarracini, Domenic Lunardo and Ian Jutsun, have created such characters as Deep South hillbilly Jethro Hord, Fernando the Portuguese carpenter, Jonathan Swank, Haroon Amed and a range of others , headlining with the famous wise guy boxer "Rocco Rompamuro"

It seems no culture is safe from their satire. The characters that The Impalites create are not meant to hurt or offend anybody. The Impalites stand by their motto..
“To those cultures who continue tofascinate and inspire us, may our understanding of each other grow through humour.” Success has followed the comedy group. There are four CDs loaded with laughs.. They’ve played at private events and concert halls to 1000's... “If you’re creative and you’re funny, the content speaks for itself,”

​Welcome to the world of The Impalites ..!